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Artificial Grass has been part of a growing industry for decades.  Grass!365 got its start over 20 years ago and we are still in an infant industry.  Artificial grass is not for every property and we do not see a world where our products blanket the earth.  In places like Lexington, Louisville and Northern Kentucky, many properties and ares of properties can benefit from our artificial grass installations.

Artificial Grass in Kentucky is used for high traffic areas where children and pets dominate.  Playgrounds and Dog Turf areas should never be built without synthetic turf surfaces.  Our other projects include recreational surfaces including backyard putting green, bocce and croquet courts, and sports field with field turf specific yarns.

Artificial Grass Playgrounds

We install the very best playground surface you can find anywhere.  Our artificial grass playgrounds have safety fall ratings over 10 feet high and a surface that does not float away or end up in parents cars.  The look and feel of a synthetic turf playground cannot be beat.  Anti-microbial as well as heat reduction infill options are all just a part of why you should investigate Grass!365 artificial grass for your next playground project.

Pet Turf

Pet Turf and Artificial Grass for Dogs is a very large segment of our business.  Bluegrass and other cool season grasses are not like the creeping grass found down south like bermuda or zoysia.  The cool season grasses of Lexington and Louisville do not spread and rejuvenate on their own.  With dog traffic in a shady spot, soon the yard will be nothing but dirt.  Keep your pets clean and happy and keep your house clean.

One story from out past was the husband wanted artificial grass for the yard so the children were not playing in mud.  Mom had other items on her agenda like a new Kitchen.  Guess what mom got her new kitchen and with in a day or two it was a muddy mess.  Eventually everyone won with a new artificial grass backyard that kept the kid and dogs clean when they came in for a snack in Mom’s new kitchen.

As our product have evolved and the demand across the country has increased we have positioned our business so we know customers are getting taken care of and our surfaces are being professionally installed by business owners.  To start a conversation on how we can help, please reach out any time.




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