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Grass!365 – Bluegrass wants to invite you to see for yourself how great a backyard putting green surface we can build out of artificial grass.  Golf greens that look and play like natural grass but require very little maintenance and are located right in your backyard.

Even though Kentucky is part of the south which is known for a slower pace of life,  we all know time is short and life is complicated here in the 21st Century.  Our beloved game of golf is just one of the many fallouts from the digital world we live in.  Many people find it more and more difficult to spend 5-6 hours away from the many tentacles of life.

Grass!365 – Bluegrass is here to help and we have been here helping for over 20 years.  You, your family and your golf game will benefit from a backyard putting green.  Over two decades of golf green experience, we have many stories we can tell about our customer’s experiences.  One young mother with two boys noted when visiting a golf green installation – “look they are all busy and taken care of.”  Another loves that her new kitchen is no longer muddy from her children tracking in mud and dirt from the worn out grass in the backyard.

Up to 80% of all golf shots are played within 100 yards of the hole.  If you want to get better at golf, you have to chip and putt better.  There is no better way to do then than to flip 60 degree wedges and roll some putting on your very own backyard putting green.

While there are many side benefits to artificial grass and backyard putting greens, no greater plus is the memories you will build with your family and friends.

Please reach out to us today and let us show you how a backyard putting green can improve your property and life.


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